Hello, Nice to meet you. 

I'm Sandie Starr.

About Me!

I’m breezing through from the diverse, rich, and often complicated city of Chicago. I was born in Jamaica, spent my young adult days in Las Vegas, enjoyed the seasons of Connecticut, relished in the warm inviting hug that is California, and I now call Chicago home. 

During my travels and years of growth, I fell in love with the science of business.

Learning about Customer Service at a hotel, then becoming a Staff Accountant learning Financeand finally landing in Marketing & AdvertisingI garnered the valuable skills of persuasion, analyzing people, and data. 

I was missing something still. I yearned for more input and more impact. 

I wanted to be the person who would work on products or services that continued to push and innovate how we think and feel, all while tackling our human psychology.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from California State University-Fullerton, but I did something else to fuel my curiosity.

I graduated from Flatiron's Immersive School as a UX UI Designer. 

When I am not a designer.

I am a quirky ball of energy. You can catch me brainstorming ideas on absolutely any and everything, dancing in Trader Joe's to their awesome playlists, and spreading joy. That's just who I am!

I love playing soccer, reading a good ‘Who dun it ?’, and watching murder thrillers.

When I’m not contemplating the mysteries of the world (like why is cheese so delicious), I enjoy Zening out with my Min Pin Mixes, Pretzel & Gouda, and my lovely yet annoying cat - Selina Kyle.